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SEO For Lawyers

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We have been working with criminal defense attorney Michael Warns for 5 months and just ranked him 1st page on Google for “DUI Lawyer Malibu“, “DUI Attorney Channel Islands” and 2nd page on Google for “Criminal Defense Attorney Malibu“, not bad considering he didn’t have a website at all! Attorneys are one of the toughest niches to rank in but with our SEO skills we are able to get measurable results in the first few months. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s get a strategy in place for your on-line needs.

This is how Michael Warns website comes up in a Google search >

How Long Does SEO Take?

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By the way SEO means search engine optimization. People are always asking us this question, how long does SEO take? This depends on many factors such as: How old is your domain name? How many bad reviews do you have? Are there SEO errors on your current website? Was your website created with SEO in mind? Is your competition doing SEO properly? That being said we usually can get solid results in the first couple of months and then continue to move up as we go. We ranked this website #1 on Google for “New York City Gardener” in 6 months & we ranked our own website #1 worldwide for “SEO Web Agency” in 3 years.


*The chart below provides a visual for estimated SEO progress.

  *Highly-competitive fields may take longer.



SEO Myths

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 We rank #1 for SEO web agency world-wide, we specialize in organic on-site and off-site optimization. We have clients nation-wide and we’ve noticed lately that a lot of clients have a misunderstanding of how SEO works. Most are under the impression it’s like running a TV commercial, so we wanted to be very clear on how SEO works, you see many people think when you hire a SEO company you will immediately start making a lot of money but that can’t be farther from the truth. SEO is not a pay to play advertising tool like radio, TV or pay per click. SEO is a marathon not a sprint, its a long term investment. It’s like pumping a water well, you have to keep pumping and pumping and pumping until you get a gusher, actually it’s kind of like drilling for oil now that I think about it and when you hit that gusher it’s a beautiful thing to see! People that expect SEO to work immediately will be disappointed, but SEO when done properly can produce massive results (see this article in Forbes that explains this perfectly). We have ranked many of our clients incredibly high on Google, for instance for “New York City Gardener” we rank number one (click on the link to see in live time). Here are some of the other businesses that we’ve ranked high on Google, Pool Contractor, Trucking Company, Oilfield petroleum company, Car Mechanic, Diesel mechanic, Window Tinting, Chiropractor, Coffee-house, Pool Cleaning, Limousine Service, Street Sweeper, Wedding Photographer, Drone Operator, Guitar Teacher, Flooring Company, Defense Attorney, Bakersfield Pest Control Company, Boat Mechanic, Italian Restaurant, Bookkeeper, Discount store, Pool Plastering, SEO company Belfast, SEO company Santa Barbara, SEO company Beverly Hills, SEO company Malibu, SEO company Napa, SEO company Los Angeles, New York City SEO company, and of course SEO web agency nationwide. As you can see we’ve gotten many different companies first page exposure on Google due to our expertise, we are in fact an SCO specialist! We have a particular set of skills that we’ve acquired over a very long career, we will find you, we will rank you and hopefully you will enjoy massive success! If you are looking for SEO you can view our plans here. I hope this article has been of help, sincerely