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Is SEO The Same For Every Niche?

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Google ranks websites based on the competition and the accuracy of the SEO that is done to the website along with the popularity of the business. For instance Coca Cola doesn’t need organic SEO like most business’s due to the fact of their enormous popularity!

Lawyers, plastic surgeons, real estate companies and agents, contractors, car dealerships, and doctors and dentists are some of the toughest niches out there because of the competition and the amount of money these business’s are spending on SEO. The good news is that Google doesn’t discriminate by the size of the SEO agency or the money they’re charging. They simply rank the websites based on proper SEO and if they are following Googles strict guidelines and algorithm!

That’s why although we are in Bakersfield CA we rank 1st page on Google for New York SEO agency, and Paris SEO because we have a skill set developed over years of studying Googles algorithms, adhering to their guidelines and ranking every niche imaginable! Why not put our expertise to work for your brand? We offer contract free SEO plans because we are confident you will stay with us as you see your business and targeted keywords moving up in our monthly reports we send to our clients.

Paris SEO Agency, Paris SEO Agency, Acme
Paris SEO Agency, Paris SEO Agency, New York City SEO expert, Bakersfield SEO Agency, Bakersfield SEO Company, Acme web agency

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Protect Your Image With Reputation Management

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We offer reputation management services for clients who need help with their image. Obviously there is a lot of people out there with agendas that excel at the expense of others, not withstanding there are also those who can profit at the tarnishing of your good name.

We use our SEO (search engine optimization) skills to post article about your good name to keep you one step ahead of the naysayers.

For instance we recommend our client George Horrigan for Bakersfield family law attorney services. He has helped many people, both men and woman navigate the complications of child custody, and divorce.

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We first came into contact with the law offices of George R Horrigan 10 years ago and have had a pleasant experience with them over the years. We have found them to be very honest, professional, relaxed, and extremely good at what they do. They have an expertise at Family Law and Divorce proceedings that are second to none. Please call them if you need help with custody battles or divorce, it’s extremely important to have someone represent you who knows the law intricately as well as your rights who can use the complex California legal system to your advantage!



We are a leading New York City SEO agency, NYC SEO agency, Seattle SEO agency, Bakersfield SEO Agency, and have ranked our clients in some of the toughest niches out there! Acme’s strategy is based on 20 years of in-house SEO experience ranking web-sites in practically every type of genre you can imagine! We rank your targeted keywords and send you monthly updates so you can follow along with the process. We offer contract free SEO plans and can sky-rocket your Google ranking!

We rank #1 for “Paris SEO” worldwide (click the blue link to see in live time) which gives you an idea of our expertise!

Paris SEO Agency, Paris SEO Agency, Acme
Paris SEO agency, Paris SEO company, Acme web agency

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Paris SEO Ranking

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We rank #1 for Paris SEO! Imagine what we could do for you!

Instead of trying to convince you of our expertise, we’re are just going to show you! Our expertise comes from years of practical application ranking websites in every niche imaginable. Why not put our expertise to use in your field, it simply makes sense! We offer contract free SEO and often see dramatic results in the first few months if not sooner!

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Below we are actually above Google Maps which is the most optimal Google ranking you can achieve!

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Minneapolis SEO Agency

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If you are in the mid-west please visit our Minneapolis SEO agency. We have a rich history with Minneapolis MN and Wisconsin and are excited to serve clients in this area. We offer professional website design and expert SEO services! What sets us apart? Real results! We send monthly reports of your keyword rankings so you can watch your website move up the rankings in live time! If a SEO company can’t provide this then what are they actually doing? Most can’t. We offer contract free SEO plans and have clients that have been with us over 15 years. We also have an acute attention to detail and love what we do, contact us here to get started.

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New York City SEO Agency

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We are a hands on digital marketing agency and rank for New York City SEO agency, serving clients across the United States with professional SEO expertise and contract free plans.

What sets us apart? Real results. We stay on top of Google’s ever changing algorithm and are on the cusp of keeping you ahead of your competition. Put our years of experience ranking websites to work today and get your brand established on Google.

It’s no coincidence you found us on Google, we have incredible insights into SEO that we’ve discovered over many years of ranking websites in many different niches. We specialize in improving our client’s Google rankings and helping connect them with customers looking for their products and services.

If your in the New York City area call us today, we not only rank high for New York City SEO agency. We also rank at the top for Paris SEO and Paris SEO agency as well as Seattle SEO agency to name a few. Let’s face it, either you can do this or you can’t! We simply show you how we have ranked our own website as well as our other clients, the results speak for themselves. Remember SEO is a marathon, not a sprinting it’s how things are done now in this day and age.

We are a professional SEO agency and follow Google’s strict guidelines to ensure that you have a strong web presence going forward and enjoy working with companies and individual that have something to offer. Contact us today to find out how we can benefit your business in the future.

SEO For Lawyers

We offer expert SEO for lawyers. Our client George Horrigan has a spotless reputation for ethical and honest attorney services in Bakersfield and Kern County and we recommend him highly for family law and Mike Warns, no pun intended, is ranking in many different category’s and cities to include:
Malibu DUI Attorney 1st page on Google
Malibu DUI Lawyer 1st page on Google
Malibu Criminal Defence Lawyer 2nd page on Google

DUI Attorney Ventura DUI Lawyer Ventura Ventura DUI Attorney
Criminal Defence Attorney Ventura Ventura Criminal Defence Attorney 

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Google Rankings in 2023

The competition for the first page of Google is getting more and more competitive as marketing has shifted from traditional advertising to on-line digital marketing. We have developed a strategy with over 15 years experience ranking our clients on both their websites organically and on their Google Business page and now we have found success ranking their Google page in multiple ZipCodes. We offer contract free monthly plans that will prove beneficial as your business grows. Remember SEO (Search engine optimization) is a marathon not a sprint!

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We are a New York City SEO Company! Did you know 92% of Google Searches are done on Smart Phones!

We are a New York City SEO agency offering expert contract free SEO services. Why choose us? Proven results, we rank Nationally and Globally! For instance, we rank 1st page on Google world wide for Paris SEO, Paris SEO Company, Paris SEO companies (above the maps), Paris SEO agency, & Paris SEO agencies.

Now that you see we know what we’re doing let’s talk business. Why no contracts? We don’t like contracts and believe our client’s will stay long term simply by the results we achieve even in the 1st few months. We consider our client’s friends and have built our business on the concept of always being available when the client reaches out, either by phone, text, or email! Not only can we rank your website we also have expertise in Google Maps and understand the algorithms. SEO is a step by step process that can produce massively if done properly. Remember SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

Are you ready? Here’s our SEO Packages if you would like to get things started! Need more information? Contact us here.

Google’s search popularity goes beyond its capabilities as a search engine. We are adept with Googles Toolbox and strictly follow their guidelines to avoid Aside from online searches, Google is also popular for other services, like Google Ads, Gmail, and the Google Workspace productivity suite. In fact, Google is also the number one video platform in the world, followed by YouTube (which, by the way, is owned by Google).

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2. 92% of all search volume globally is from Google

An impressive 92.70% of all searches globally happen on Google, making it the dominant search engine by far. The next biggest search engine is Bing, at 2.78%, followed by Yahoo, at 1.60%. No matter who your target market is, where they are located, or what your business offers, optimizing for Google search should be a priority in your online marketing strategy.

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